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PREMium adVantages

Premium Advantages is dedicated to the exclusive community Expat and International community in Belgium with main focus to offer information, bring special advantages, help them discover local and international activities, share their love of quality and enjoy life through a number of events and experiences. 

Premium Advantages has been bringing the exclusive community of Brussels together for the last decade. The community consists of members and staff of NATO, Embassies & Consulates, EU Institutions, Eurocontrol, International and Governmental Organisations, Expats, Corporate leaders, Belgian English speakers, International and European schools and other related communities. 

Premium Advantages is an official partner of NATO and a number of National Representations, in Belgium. Our partnerships and media reach provides us access to a core audience of over 1.400.000* individuals, that represent the Diplomatic, Expat and english speaking community in Belgium.

The objective of Premium Advantages is to offer information, organise activities and provide advantages to our community through better, best-value, competitive and exclusive offers. The club is run by a professional communications and PR team under the guidance and advice of active and retired Expats, Military and Diplomatic staff and family members.

We organise and participate in a number of events every year, including private dinners, VIP events, trips in Belgium and abroad and community-building or entertainment experiences. While our community remains largely Brussels-based, we also have significant memberships in other places of the globe. Premium Advantages supports charities and institutions around the world through its partnership with a number of charities chosen and announced during the year.

Premium Advantages offers a free membership to all qualified members.

Note: There is no cost to join our club but we might periodically assess the qualification of our members.

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