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Designing a small apartment with Master Meubel Interior Architect

For those of us with a small space, it can be tough to make it look nice. However, there are some tricks you can use to make it look bigger than it is.

The key to decorating any room is to think about how the furniture will fit into the space. If you have a small space, you need to be very careful about what furniture you buy because if the furniture is too big, it will look out of place and take up too much space.

The owner of this apartment bought furniture from Master Meubel. They were helped by Master interior architect Isabelle to make their small apartment look more stylish and minimalist.

The apartment owner worked together with Master Meubel's interior architect to design the kitchen and collaborated together in making the built-in cupboards.

Isabella suggested the butterfly chairs be added to the room, as the chair adds such a minimalist touch to the overall concept of the apartment. The apartment owner loved every suggestion proposed by Isabella and the overall conclusion of the collaboration was positive.

From this collaboration, it proves the point that partnering up with an interior architect to design your home is utterly helpful and inspiring.

1. They can bring in new ideas and inspiration for you to consider when designing your space.

2. They have a lot of experience and knowledge about interior design, which gives them the ability to help you decide what furniture pieces best fit into a certain space.

3. An interior architect will help you determine how much storage is needed for the space and provide ideas on how to store things more efficiently.

Don't Forget To Add accessories, flowers and plants

With the birch Artek Stool 60 stool, the round Arper Dizzie table and the black HAY Tray Table , there is also a contemporary design by Alvar Aalto and Lievore Altherr Molina in the apartment. Also note the atmospheric lighting, with the Nelson Cigar Bubble hanging lamps by Hay next to the bed and Semi Pendant by Gubi above the round table and the black Leaf Floor reading lamp by Muuto next to the seat.

For the finishing touch, the apartment owner browsed around in Master Meubel Shop and selected some versatile yet stylish furniture. “In my opinion, the interior has been decorated very nicely with the right accessories, flowers and plants,” says Isabelle. “The Lygnby tea light holders have the colours smoke, green and midnight blue.” You will also discover a small Vitra Eames Elephant and the Loop Cushion and the Mus Plant Pot from Ferm Living in the apartment.

tips from isabelle for furnishing a compact home

A compact apartment or home is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are living in a small space, you need to make sure that the interior design will be able to maximise the space available. Here are some tips from Isabelle to furnish and design a compact apartment or home:

  • Don't place too much furniture but choose a few beautiful pieces

  • Beautiful and timeless furniture does not have to belong to the most expensive segments, take a good look around before you decide

  • The circulation in your room will be smoother if you choose a round table instead of a square or rectangular one

  • Airy, elegant chairs with fine legs give your room more space

  • The right lighting is essential to achieve a good atmosphere

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