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Getting to know Louise - Brussels's Charming & Upscale Neighbourhood

Louise is an upscale neighbourhood in Brussels that is becoming increasingly popular with expats and Belgians alike. The area is home to many embassies, multinational companies, and professional offices. It also has a wide range of restaurants, cafes, shops, and supermarkets.

The area offers a wide range of residential properties from townhouses and duplexes to family houses and luxury apartments. This makes it an ideal location for both young families as well as singles who want to live in a peaceful environment with easy access to public transport links and major highways.

The Louise neighbourhood is located in the heart of the Brussels district Leopold. This area is an upscale shopping district with luxury shops, such as Cartier, Chanel, and Dior. The Louise neighbourhood is also known as "Little Paris" because it was once home to many French artists who moved there after World War II. Some of these painters still live in their old homes today, giving the area its bohemian feel.

The Louise neighbourhood has a lot to offer for tourists, but it also attracts many local residents who are looking for a quiet place to live. There are many large apartments in this neighbourhood that can be rented out as vacation apartments or short-term rentals.

The area around the station is home to many art galleries and antique dealers, as well as some of the city's most expensive real estate. The neighbourhood has been called one of Belgium's most beautiful residential areas, thanks to its architecture and tree-lined streets.

Furthermore, Louise is one of Brussels' most fashionable neighbourhoods thanks to its beautiful architecture and well-manicured parks. Due to this matter, the Louise neighbourhood has become an increasingly popular location for expats looking for an alternative to living in the city centre or Uccle areas but who still want access to all the amenities these areas have to offer including excellent transport links, shopping options, and restaurants.

Do you wish to start your new life as an expat in the Louise neighbourhood? Let us know!

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