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How to choose a perfect custom suit: 5 best tips

The custom suit is one of the most important pieces in any man's wardrobe. This classic, timeless garment has been a staple in the wardrobes of many men for generations. And why not? It's no wonder that so many men have gone on to wear custom suits for their weddings, graduations, and other special occasions.

A custom suit is a garment that fits you perfectly, from the shoulders to the waist, from the chest to the length of the arms, and from the length of your legs to your toes. It's made just for you and it looks better than any off-the-rack garment ever could.

In this article, we'll be discussing how to choose a perfect custom suit: 5 best tips. So if you're interested in learning more about this topic or want to read some additional information, please keep reading!

1. Choose your fabric wisely

When you make a custom suit, you get to choose everything from the fabric to the lining. You can also select the fit and style of your suit and even have it made in different colors.

You can even have a unique monogram or other design added to your custom-made suit.

The benefits of making and wearing a custom-made suit are numerous, but here are five reasons why you should make and wear your own custom-made suit:

1) It fits perfectly

2) It’s unique to your body shape

3) It fits like a glove

4) It’s made with high-quality materials

5) It will last for years

2. Make sure the shoulders fit properly

This is the first thing to look for when you're trying on a suit. If the shoulders are too big, it'll hang off your body in an unflattering way. A suit that fits properly will lay flat against your shoulders and not have any wrinkles or puckers where the fabric meets the armhole.

Keep in mind that the shoulders are the most important part of a suit and should fit correctly. If you buy a ready-made suit, it will be made to fit an average body type. If you're tall or broad-shouldered, this may not be ideal for you.

A custom-made suit allows for proper fitting in all areas of the body and can help you look more polished than ever.

3. Be critical of details

When you're ready to wear a custom suit, there are many things to consider. One of the most important considerations is the fit and style. The fit should be comfortable and not too tight or loose, while the style should be tailored to your body type and personal preferences.

The next thing you should think about when making a custom suit is color. You can choose between traditional colors like black or gray, but you can also go for bolder colors like blue or red if you want something more distinctive

If you want to make sure that your suit looks good on you, try wearing it before making it so that you know what kind of alterations you'll need to make later on.

3. flatter your shape

Custom suits are the perfect way to flatter your shape and make you look your best. A custom-made suit will be cut for your specific body shape and made to your exact measurements. That is why a custom suit will perfectly flatter your body shape, when you wear a custom-made suit, there are no loose areas or tight areas — it will fit you like it was made only for you.

You might think that suits are all the same, but there's a huge difference between off-the-rack suits and custom-tailored suits.

The biggest difference is fit. Off-the-rack suits don't fit you perfectly, which means they're not as flattering or comfortable as they could be.

4. avoid trendy styles or colors that won't suit you later on

This may come as a surprise, but the best way to ensure that you'll look great in your new custom suit is by not choosing trendy styles or colors that won't suit you later on when making a custom suit.

The reason for this is simple: most people don't know what suits them until they've worn it for some time.

For example, it's easy to be seduced by bright colors and bold patterns, but those can often be a bad choice for someone who doesn't know how they'll look in them.


A custom suit is a well-made investment that will last you for years. It's also the best way to ensure that your suit fits your body perfectly, which is essential when it comes to looking sharp and professional in any situation.

A professional tailor can help you find the right style, fabric and color for your body type and taste. They will also advise you on whether certain patterns or colors will suit your face shape or not.

For example, the tailoring expert at Scabal will always make sure that the cut of the suit is right for you by measuring all relevant body parts such as shoulders, chest, and waist. This ensures that your suit won't look too big on one side while too small on another side due to poor measurements by the tailor.

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