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How to Dress for Your Body Type: A Comprehensive Guide for Men

Spending a lot of money on a high-quality wardrobe won't make you fashionable or stylish if you don't know how to dress for your body type.

Understanding which clothes look good on your body type is entirely different from having an eye for clothes that look good.

Accept your body as it is and dress to highlight the areas that are most appealing while concealing the areas that are less desirable. Only then will you be able to choose which clothes to put in your closet and enter the 4th dimension of sartorial splendour.

When it comes to men's body types, it's a fairly straightforward affair. Men don't have to be concerned about the hourglass or apple shapes and they only need to be concerned with the three basic body types.

  • a rectangle body shape,

  • an inverted triangle body shape, a standard triangle or oval body shape,

  • and a rectangle body shape

You'll most likely have each type of body at some point in your life, so it's important to understand everything about each one, identify which shape best defines you, and learn the rules of dressing up or down so you can put your best foot forward.

Body Type Guidelines for men

Before we get into the specifics of body types, there are a few things to consider regardless of whether you are tall, short, heavyset, or lightweight. Some general guidelines should always be followed and serve as the foundation for your body shape-specific clothing options.

1. Understand Your Tailor

We've said it before, but it bears repeating: it's better to spend half as much on clothes and the rest on a good tailor than to spend your entire budget on clothes. A tailor understands body types and is a fabric wizard. If you're serious about how to dress, you should have a good tailor that you use.

According to Scabal, every single one of their cloth collections is made to the highest standards of quality, yet Scabal’s Special Editions collection stands above others. They are composed of the most treasured fibres on Earth, as well as being the embodiment of cutting-edge luxury fabric design.

2. disregard trends

Skinny pants and undercut hairstyles are popular right now, but if they make you look like an awful '80s throwback, don't wear them. Dressing for your body type is always in style and will look far better than attempting to stay current while ignoring your natural shape.

As styles evolve so does Scabal's offering of clothes, with new styles added every season. Scabal experiments extensively to stay at the cutting-edge of fashion and technology. With the current offer of 5000 luxury fabrics.

According to Scabal, you should make your style of selecting a suit to be classic with a double-breasted suit in black denim and a formal shirt or more relaxed with a full denim look in an unconstructed jacket. From a business meeting to evening drinks, denim will be an ally to your unique summer style.

The best advice from Scabal in regards to selecting the best suit for your body type combining silk and wool as those are such an exquisite fabric that combines softness with a soft lustre that makes every cloth feel special.

Body Shape: Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle body type means you have shoulders that are much wider than your hips, which is usually due to genetic bone structure and exercise. This is considered the "ideal" male body type, and most clothing is designed with this shape in mind. Because it is so desirable, having this body type makes shopping for clothes relatively simple.

  • Be wary of off-the-shelf purchases

  • Display your body

  • Don't exhibit too much

  • Expand your pants

  • Prints should be avoid

Body Shape: Rectangular

This body type includes tall, thin men with a straight drop from shoulders to hips. The population of rectangular body types is a relatively small one.

  • Perform the inverted triangle's opposite

  • Accessorize

  • Layer Up

Body Shapes: Triangle and Oval

The triangular or ovoid body shape is popular among men, particularly in Europe, and has a wider waist than shoulders. This body type becomes more common as men age, simply because gravity slowly drags on our frames throughout life, and everything sags toward the centre.

Heavier men with more heft in the centre that slopes inward toward the hips are said to be more oval than triangles, but the rules are the same.

  • The single objective

  • Vertical stripes

  • Avoid form-fitting or blousy clothing

Final Thoughts on Dressing for Your Body Type

You now understand the three main male body types. You should be able to confidently go out and restock your wardrobe. The tips we've provided above should have taught you everything you need to know about dressing for your body type. Forget the hourglass and apple shapes. Geometry is everything to men.

Whether you have an inverted triangle body shape, a regular triangle body shape, or even a rectangle body shape, you should be able to dress accordingly.

Through Scabal, personalising a made-to-measure suit is all about adapting the garment to your taste, balancing your choices and benefiting from a suit made to your exacting specifications. Every aspect of its construction, from lapels to trouser pleats, is outlined by you, while handpicked buttons, linings and even under-collar embroidery can all help to stamp an indelible mark on your garment.

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