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How your Interior Design Can Affect your Wellbeing

Let's agree that we have all had the experience of heading home after a stressful day. Maybe anxiety from work emergencies or a fight with a family member. After a shock or upset, our instincts usually tell us to go home to unwind, to recharge. We retreat to our private spaces when we need spiritual or social protection.

The personal spaces in our home set the stage for many moments in our lives and because these areas are the setting for so many important and stressful periods in life, it’s crucial that your personal spaces are comfortable and provide positive emotional energy.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, anxiety and depression are the most common mental health complaints. However, many interior design techniques and approaches have been shown to reduce stress and depression. While making the connection between home design and emotional stability is not new, recent studies have fortified the validity of these claims.

There are a few components that need to be mentioned again and again. The effects of sunlight, spaciousness, plants and flowers, natural elements, color, and artwork. When used correctly, each of these design elements can create an environment conducive to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Here are some tips that could be useful to improve your interior design :

  • Expand your spirit by expanding your home's spaciousness, you can start by evaluating your layout

  • The sunlight can lighten your mood whether it's outdoors or through a window, sunlight is a mood lifter.

Sunlight is a mood lifter

  • House plants and flowers can improve concentration, memory retention and reduce stress.

  • Use different colors in your interior design to improve your mood and mental health

House plants and flowers can improve concentration, memory retention and reduce stress

  • Bring all these elements to your home: Water, Wind, Fire, Metal, and Earth. Fountains and pools celebrate water, fans and open windows bring in the wind, the fireplace and candles allow us to bring in the fire, Metal and earth are present in iron, brass, silver, wood, and stone.

  • Putting some art in your home can improve your mood. Pottery, ceramics, silver pieces, sculptures, decorative pieces, glassware, and even dishware are all forms of art.

Bring all these elements to your home: Water, Wind, Fire, Metal, and Earth

We all want a place that makes us feel protected and accepted. If you don’t feel warm and welcoming when you get home, it’s time to rethink your design. Simple changes in interior design can make a big difference in your mood, whether your home is a tiny apartment or an enormous estate.

It is the ideal place in the house, which should be both functional and comfortable. Whatever interior you choose with us: the central focus is always a desk by a top designer, which attracts the attention of every visitor. But you can just as easily integrate your workplace into your living space. A stylish option is a custom wall unit, including a working module. By collaborating with the interior architects at Master Meubel, they will help you analyze the needs of you, your employees, and your customers together with you. They translate this, in a creative way thanks to their years of experience at Master Meubel, into interiors in which everyone feels optimal and functions at their best.

If you are ready to discuss your interior with a professional, you contact Master Meubel who has the best expertise in designing interior and furniture. You can contact them here.

This article is sponsored by Master Meubel.

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