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Summer In Brussels: Best Cocktail Drinks

Nothing beats a refreshingly fruity, herbal, or frozen drink in the summer! Summer cocktails abound, with flavours ranging from sweet watermelon and juicy peaches to herbaceous mint and basil and bright berries. Even better: icy summer drinks are ideal for beating the heat.

Here are the best summer cocktails for you to try! Classics like the minty Mojito and the tangy margarita are available, as are frozen drinks like daiquiris and pina coladas. There are also gin and vodka cocktails, as well as fruity twists such as watermelon cocktails and peach margaritas. On dear, we really want to drink them all ❤️

Strawberry Vodka Lemonade

This cocktail recipe highlights the flavor of fresh strawberries with a simple vodka-spiked lemonade. It's a delicious recipe that comes together quickly with just three ingredients. It's ideal for a refreshing patio drink and one you'll return to all summer.

Spritzer with Blueberries and Lavender Vodka

Invite some friends over for this enticing blueberry lavender vodka spritzer. You get to show off your culinary skills with the homemade syrup that has the wonderful flavour of blueberries and lavender.

Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

Watermelon and cucumber are one of the many delicious fruit combinations for summer. The two shine in this simple gin cooler with a garden-fresh flavor. With this recipe, there's no need to save that leftover watermelon from summer picnics!

Grapefruit Shandy

Shandies are a summertime favourite, and the grapefruit shandy is sure to please. This spin on the classic shandy has the tart flavour of homemade grapefruit ade. Make a full pitcher and it'll be ready to be topped with a crisp wheat beer whenever you want.

Rum Swizzle

Swizzling produces a slushy-like cocktail without the use of a blender. It's a refreshing approach to mixing drinks, and the rum swizzle is a great place to start. The Caribbean cocktail is a fruity rum mix that is churned in a glass filled with crushed ice with a swizzle stick (or bar spoon).


Basil is a fantastic cocktail ingredient, and the herb takes center stage in the unusual Basil-ica recipe. The drink has a complex flavor profile that includes Plymouth Gin and St. Germain, as well as a sweet and sour muddle with fresh basil.


The bloody Mary is a fantastic drink, but imagine making it with tomatoes from your own garden. The tomojito is all of that and more! This one-of-a-kind recipe begins with homemade tomato-infused vodka and then enhances the fresh flavor with lime, a cherry tomato, and basil-infused syrup.

Garden Patch Smash

If you enjoy berry-flavoured drinks, the garden patch smash is the recipe for you. Fresh blueberries and a homemade raspberry-lavender syrup are used in this tequila cocktail, which is finished with a floral spritz of lavender soda.

Apricot Sunray

The apricot sunray is a fruity punch that will impress all of your guests at any summer gathering. It's an unusual Champagne punch, combining Cognac with blood orange juice and three apricot ingredients. The large-batch recipe ensures that there is enough for everyone.

Let us know what is your favourite cocktail drinks and we wish you a fun summer!

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