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The Psychological Effects Of Beauty Standard And How To Deal With Them

Beauty consists of much more than what we can see with our eyes. Additionally, our brain is wired to recognize certain elements as beautiful which could be influenced by cultures, our personal experiences, or what we see around us.

The beauty standard is, unfortunately, being dictated through certain wrong perceptions towards the subject of what is it like to be supposedly pretty. The standard of beauty is essentially a variable standard of what it means to be pretty, based on the dominant feminine beauty values in a given culture.

Particularly in the social media world, we see influencers and secretly we wish were anything like them. But what we don't realize is that self-criticism can be harmful to both our mind and body.

What Is Beauty anyway?

Beauty is actually and essentially a subjective matter. Every day, we look in the mirror, thinking that if only we could, we could change so much. We use a variety of beauty products to conceal our natural flaws and dislikes.

As society defines beauty, it is having flawless skin, a perfect body, and living up to the beauty standards we see in movies, magazines, and beauty pageants. However, different people, cultures, and societies have different definitions of beauty. It all comes down to one's own perception.

The beauty that comes from an act of service with the purpose to lift and cherish others is the true beauty that will naturally radiate wholesomely. Those who seek and value true beauty will find this beautifully appealing. Live a beautiful life of giving and caring for others in order to attract beautiful individuals into your life.

the Psychological Impact of beauty standard

Society creates the concept of ideal feminine beauty by injecting a wrong beauty standard, which often depicts physical attractiveness that every woman should have in order to be desirable and attractive. These principles are largely based on heteronormative ideas, and they frequently discriminate against women based on their sexual orientation.

The ideal feminine beauty is believed to be a faultless, flawless, impossibly proportioned woman on whom all other women should base their desire and attractiveness. However, this standard idea and concept are sadly advertised and promoted by the beauty industries which are capitalizing on the market with a strong desire to gain profit and market their beauty products.

When do we realize that beauty is the beast? When beauty perceptions interfere with your healthy well-being and all you get is stress and depression, you should know that this beauty is not worth it. It is always recommended to be true to yourself and to prioritize your mental and physical health.

How to Deal with the Psychological Effects of Beauty Standards

1. Accept yourself completely

Many of us struggle to accept ourselves, but this is usually because we want to conform to the expectations of others. As a result, it is critical to find someone who accepts you for who you are. People have high expectations, but in this vast universe, you will undoubtedly find someone who will love you for who you are. There are several dating sites and apps available these days that act as online therapy for people looking for their perfect match.

2.Make yourself your own champion

When it comes to standing up for oneself, self-belief and confidence are essential tools. Allow no one to look down on you or mistreat you. Even if people are malicious and unkind, always stand up for yourself because no one will ever do it for you.

3. Stop sabotaging yourself

Never push someone away. Allow someone to be by your side when they are attempting to cheer you up. When dealing with psychological issues, being alone is the absolute worst thing you can do. Keep company with people who like you for who you are, not what you look like. There are also several stories similar to yours on the internet. Instead of some plastic beauty conception, read and watch them. Doing well will act as online therapy for you to learn to love yourself.

4. Stop attempting to imitate others

Another important thing you should do is stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. So, if you're trying to imitate someone else, you should stop right now. To be honest, it will only make you feel worse. to see and do things that will make you fall in love with yourself There is a lot of self-love content on the internet that you can use as your personal online therapy sessions to feel better about yourself.

5. surround yourself with people who have a healthy perception of beauty

Keep people close to you who believe in you and cheer you on, people, who love you for who you are, not what you have or look like. Such people will always encourage you to be proud of yourself.

6. Seek professional assistance

Getting professional assistance is another effective way to combat the negative effects of beauty standards. It is critical to face reality and admit when you require assistance. Remember that failing to share your problems can have serious consequences in your life. If you find it difficult to see a psychologist in person, you don't have to worry because you can get help online, where your anonymity is guaranteed.

the misguiding Beauty And Body Standards

Every day, we are bombarded with images of ideal beauty. We lose sight of the fact that beauty standards are arbitrary and vary from culture to culture. These differences frequently determine men's and women's roles in society.

Fashion advertising and fashion itself can have a significant impact on how we feel about our bodies. This is because the majority of fashion products are designed to fit tall and thin supermodels, making it one of the most common psychological effects of beauty standards. This is something that no ordinary woman can accomplish in her daily life.

Beauty standards revealed in fashion magazines and on television are nearly impossible to achieve. Some say these models appear anorexic, while others find them extremely attractive.


The media and beauty advertisements only show an unrealistic and sexualized version of beauty.

You should not torture yourself with these ideas and notions just to look or feel beautiful. Spending time and energy analyzing perfectionist beauty ideals does more harm than good. So, simply love yourself and stay healthy.
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