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Why We Need International Women's Day and How You Should Celebrate It

Every year on March 8th, the world celebrates International Women's Day to honor women's rights, social, economic, cultural, political accomplishments, essentially in each of various spheres of their lives. The theme for this year is "Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow" which aims to recognize the contributions of women and girls around the world who are leading the way in climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response in order to create a healthier, more equal, and sustainable future for all.

It's time to be proud of being a woman and achieving goals that were previously unattainable, to be fearless and brave in standing up to injustice, and to demonstrate your power in every situation. This month, and especially today, is a moment to honor the remarkable women who have contributed to the advancement of women's rights and equality throughout the world. There are many such tales circulating around right now, from Nobel Prize to enterprises that provide financing to women-owned businesses.

Nonetheless, don't forget that today is also about you.

Almost every day, I read an inspiring tale of a woman who defied the odds, challenged the status quo, and paved the path for our generation. Yet, I seldom take the time to acknowledge my own achievements or looking back on how significant my own difficulties had been and how I was able to overcome those challenges.

So, in honor of International Women's Day, I'd want to give a few reminders on why today—and every day after that—this celebration is not only for someone with big names and titles, it is for all of us.


You may not believe you're doing something extraordinary, but someone out there—perhaps a friend, cousin, or coworker—wishes they had the bravery to accomplish what you're doing. You may be hesitating yourself in believing that you can be the next Hillary Clinton or Sherly Sandberg. Trust me, you have supporters. People notice when you are pursuing that degree or promotion, standing up to someone at the office, or working hard to achieve your dreams, something you believe in.

everything IS POSSIBLE

That phrase is too overused, that "you can do anything". At first, I'm hesitant to use it, but clichés are there for a purpose, right? Every time I've put my notion to the test—gone out on a limb, done something I didn't believe I could do—but eventually it turned out to be something achievable for me, despite I doubted myself beforehand. I am aware that my sample size isn't statistically significant, but that doesn't matter if the only thing that counts is that we can achieve our own goals. Plus, I believe you have also proven this methodology regarding "you can do anything" or "everything is possible" in some part and event in your life.

A woman I know was dealing with some major life challenges around a year ago. She was a single mother with four small children, and she was working at a job she despised but had to keep for the sake of her family. We were talking about what was bothering her, and she confessed that she had some significant obstacles to face in order to get her life back on track.

From the outsiders, her life might look bleak. Nonetheless, most people don't realize that even if she had a rich husband earning four times her pay, a supportive partner, and access to higher education for her children, her future would still be uncertain due to those significant obstacles that she was struggling with.

Surprisingly, she now lives in a different area different than before, her children are doing well in school, and she has a new job that she adores. Oh, and what about those incredibly high barriers and significant obstacles? They were dusted by her.

I remind myself of what she did whenever I believe something is unattainable.

To celebrate this special day, here are five different happy women's day ideas and thoughts to help you celebrate this year in the most enjoyable way possible.

1. Achieve Your Personal Goals

Do you recall what it was? That important-but-terrifying task you've been putting off? Yes, you know exactly what we're talking about since it just occurred to you. If you agree, then proceed. There's no better way to mark the accomplishment of a difficult moment than with a party! Don't forget that the harder the goals are, the better your motivation and engine would be.

2. every day is a women's day

We enjoy seeing so many IWD posts on Instagram and Facebook every year. This, however, should not be done only once a year. Share tales about yourself, the ladies in your life, and the women who inspire you on social media. We may all use a boost on a daily basis, and everyone needs to realize how incredible women can be.

3. sharing is caring: fundraising and donating

IWD is an excellent moment for you, and also to ask your group of friends and company that you work at to launch a simple fundraising concept and give to a women's shelter or women-focused organisations. You may also provide to help women-owned companies by making a donation. It's important to remember that it's not just about the symbolism; every drop matters. And, more often than not, such activities assist raise awareness for women's issues more effectively than other celebratory events.

4. Women's day trivia

It is the time to gather your trivia buffs for fun Women's Day games! The game has to be challenging with rules of identifying prominent women from throughout the world based on their remarks or accomplishments. For this virtual Women's Day celebration idea, you can divide the employees into teams or play individually.

Teach all the little girls, your sisters, daughters, cousins, nephews, girlfriends about the wonderful things that come with being a woman. Show them the value and importance of unity, the need to empower women, and the power to fight for change. Remember that empowered woman empowering woman. We wish you a wonderful International Women's Day in the year 2022!

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