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Why you should embrace your wrinkles

Even if you're in your twenties or thirties, chances are you're already conscious of the wrinkles on your face. Instead of frowning at our reflection in the bathroom mirror, I believe we should embrace our wrinkles. Those fine lines aren't flaws or the beginning of the end, but rather a symbol of what we've accomplished thus far.

You may develop cheek creases as a result of all those summers spent basking in the sun and splashing in the water. Perhaps you have crow's feet as a result of spending so much time laughing and being in a good mood. Stress lines may have formed as a result of all the times you fretted about your future and all the hours you stayed up planning and trying to make your aspirations come true.

However, our lines aren't just amusing and lovely. They tell a tale about us as well. Consider taking a step back and working on your self-esteem rather than wasting food money on pricey facial creams that probably don't do much. There's no point in wasting time dissecting ourselves. We can also utilize that time to accept ourselves and see our "imperfections" as distinguishing unique features.

What you thought as wrinkles are not actually wrinkles

Sun lines and laugh lines are just part of the usual wear and tear of being a human who travels around on this planet. Instead of getting worked up about the new creases, keep doing what you're doing.


Because you are extremely expressive with your emotions, you may have faint lines around your face. When someone irritates you, you laugh loudly, smile broadly, and frown menacingly. You presumably don't just sit there like a stony-faced Disney villain. You, on the other hand, exude warmth and charisma. Don't alter that aspect of yourself!


Maybe you have deep laugh lines because you hang out with entertaining people and make the most of every weekend. Those wrinkles on your forehead could be the result of all those late nights studying or burning the midnight oil to achieve your ambitions. Every wrinkle on your face is surely the result of a tale, as well as the people you've met and the locations you've been. They're lovely, and they're not meant to be wiped.

you have access to break away from the mold

You may continually be told that your worth isn't determined by your size, attractiveness, or body shape, which is a wonderful message. Rather than being a bystander, why not join the body positivity movement and accept the lessons that activism is attempting to teach you?

Accept the idea that your worth isn't determined by your appearance, and learn to enjoy and respect yourself as a result. This will give the movement another supporter, and another person will be liberated from one-dimensional beauty standards.

you can be someone's idol and an inspiration for others

Let's say one of your friends has major concerns about aging and is frequently self-conscious about their appearance. Imagine how they'd react if they learned that you don't really care about your lines — and that you actually like the way they look.

This may not immediately change the friend's viewpoint, but if they hear the notion several times (and even better, from multiple individuals), they may begin to adjust their perception of what constitutes an imperfection.


When you make the effort to shift your perspective and perceive wrinkles as attractive, you'll hopefully be more accepting of other types of beauty as well. You're now open to the idea that slender, blonde, and tall aren't the only qualities to strive for (not that those qualities are bad), which will only add to the enjoyment as you get older. After all, pursuing unattainable, near-impossible ideals of beauty consumes far too much emotional energy.

Whether you accept wrinkles to improve your self-esteem or to remind others that aging is natural and fun, one thing is certain: a few lines are never a negative thing. They deserve to be loved and embraced.
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